Twitter Account Shredder 1.0

After all the machinations around the inconsistencies in the Twitter API and updates needed to support reading from an archive, storing history of processed IDs, proper rate limiting, and allowing individual Tweet/Like deletes, version 1.0 of the Twitter Account Shredder is ready. The project GitLab page is here

This tool allows you to delete all of the content of your Twitter account that is accessible via the Twitter API. This can be done by deleting an individual Tweet or Like. It also can do bulk deletes of all people you follow, likes, and statuses (Tweets, Re-tweets, and Replies). The source of these values can either be the Twitter API itself or an archive you dumped and unzipped. This latter feature is important because not all tweets and likes that are in the system show up in the Twitter API’s commands, see this post on the topic .

The GitLab page has instructions for how to download and run it. Since it requires API keys etc. I’m not considering this user level software and thus I don’t have pre-built binaries at this time. You’ll have to install a Dart SDK to run the tool directly from it.

As I continue to use it to shred my Twitter data I’ll continue to post updates here.