Avalonia ToDo Tutorial (On Linux)

As I wrote in my Avalonia Hello World (On Linux) article I’ve made more progress than just executing the canned auto-generated Hello World. I’ve actually been through their one official tutorial and then some. You can find it on their website here. It will walk you through the steps of making a simple proof of concept “To Do List” application which shows you all of the steps of creating a simple application, adding controls, creating reactive controls, and how the Avalonia System works. It has two paths. One for those using Visual Studio on Windows and another for those using the .NET Core command line tools. Since I’m sticking with the whole doing everything on Linux thing I’m using the latter.


Avalonia Hello World (On Linux)

As I pick up doing cross-platform application desktop application development using AvaloniaUI I need to go through the obligatory hurdles of the “Hello World” program and following tutorials. I figure why not document them here for others too. Fortunately they actually provide some pretty solid getting started and tutorial guidelines so this should be more considered my personal notebook of those.


Self Hosting Without Self Owning

In my 2018 attempts at ditching the walled gardens I made a bunch of progress, which I’ve since backslid from, on replacing Google services with Kolab Lab’s offerings. I want to have the benefits of GMail, Google Drive, etc. but I would rather not have Google owning all of my data. At the same time I’m not going to fall on my sword and go back to mid-1990s infrastructure a la Richard Stallman either. Self hosting these things is a daunting task which I considered to be way out of the reach of this software developer. I thought that anyway until I ran across the FOSDEM session on the YunoHost system, which makes self-hosting a much more out of the box experience. Could this be the solution to my problem?


Development Ramp Up

After several months of dormancy in my software development activities I’ve started hitting a solid pace of getting back into the swing of things recently. As much as I wanted the next big thing for me to work on to be something Fediverse related, specifically Friendica, that has created a huge mental block for me. I wrote about that a lot in this post. I’m not a language snob, more on that below, but getting fired up about doing PHP work on that project isn’t happening. I still never got to the bottom of if it was more PHP or the inertia of getting started on the project. It doesn’t matter either way because I wasn’t getting anything done. I wasn’t sure if maybe it was a general lull. I think I’ve answered that question in the negative. So what is this looking like then?


How Useful Are Diet Labels?

Several years ago I wrote here that I was not going to go by any diet label. At the time I was more exasperated by the orthorexia of the whole thing. That was both internal and externally generated orthorexia. We can all say we don’t agree with labeling ourselves but it’s not a totally useless exercise. It’s a convenient way to compress down a lot of information into an easily identifiable and relatedable expression. Unfortunately it is also something which can lead to lots of false paths and lots of problems. In the past week I’ve run across several stories and instances which make me double down on that decision.


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