I had originally intended to wait to open this blog up to the world.  I wanted to have more of a foundation in my plan, however I’m too excited to wait at this point.  Besides, I can use the practice in regularly updating things.

Several months ago an idea of self experimentation to determine the best diet for me crystalized in my mind.  Using the tools and techniques I have been employing daily I was going to figure out if there was a truly superior way to eat for my body.  This entails lots of journaling and daily tracking.  It occurred to me that opening that experiment up to the public in general could be useful in two ways.  First, it could help people who are looking for help in figuring this problem out as well.  Second, if even a few close friends are tracking, much less more people than that, then I’d have built in accountability to help me power through the times when it gets tough.

So here it is, hopefully not too prematurely, the beginning of my experiment in exploring diet and fitness concepts to determine the best choices for my body to stay as healthy and vibrant as possible for as many years as possible.