Daily Jots for 24 Jun 2022 2022-06-24

My jotted thoughts for 24 Jun 2022…

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Daily Jots for 23 Jun 2022 2022-06-23

My jotted thoughts for 23 Jun 2022…

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Jukeboxing Into Modern Music 2022-06-17

At some point in adulthood, for me it started in my third decade of life, you start to notice that you know less and less about modern music, television, movies, et cetera. Some of us start early in our over-embrace of nostalgic media. Others it’s all looking forward until they die. Most of us though, me included, start indulging more in the past than the present. I’ve tried various times to break that by listening to nothing but Top 40 stations on streaming services. I end up getting pretty tired of it quickly though so after a day or so the whole experiment is over.

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Blog Transitioned from Jekyll to Hugo 2022-06-13

Back in the end of 2018 I wrote this first post in Jekyll after converting from WordPress . WordPress had started feeling too clunky for me and I always wanted to have something simpler. I looked at Jekyll and Hugo at the time. Back then the big bonus for Hugo was compilation speeds and it was supposedly a bit easier to get started with. The advantage of Jekyll flexibility and it being more seasoned, not that either were new. Because I was doing Ruby development at the time and Jekyll is written in Ruby I decided to go with it instead of Hugo. It served me pretty well for the past several years but with increasing compilation times and trouble getting Ruby Gems configured on my Mac I decided to take the plunge and try to convert to Hugo. I was not disappointed, which is why this article is the first post to the Hugo-built site.

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Twitter Account Shredder 1.0 2022-06-09 After all the machinations around the inconsistencies in the Twitter API and updates needed to support reading from an archive, storing history of processed IDs, proper rate limiting, and allowing individual Tweet/Like deletes, version 1. (More ...)
Dart's Lazy Stream Evaluation Bites Me Again 2022-06-08

Don’t you hate when the computer does exactly what you told it do versus what you think you told it to? I’ve been burned in the past with lazy collection/stream/iterator operator evaluations in the past. Specifically I am burned by the fact that Dart doesn’t force you to explicitly ask for a new iterator. It is a common thing to be careful about but it burned me in the refactoring of my Twitter Account Shredder just now. Even though it only burned up a couple minutes of time I figured I’d re-document for posterity here for others. I had another more detailed post on the topic is here earlier this year.

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Twitter's Very Inconsistent Data Consistency 2022-06-07

As a part of leaving Twitter I decided to write a script that would delete all of my Tweets, Retweets, Likes, and Follows. The idea was that when it was done I would again have a bare profile. First I downloaded my archive. In it were over 1500 follows, 20,000 tweets, and 95,000 likes. Due to rate limits placed on the Twitter API by Twitter it is only possible to go through 200 delete operations per hour. Therefore deleting all that data would take over three weeks. That is why I was shocked to see that the operation completed in about two days. The more I dug into what was happening the more I saw how amiss things were with Twitter’s data consistency.

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Dart Tip: Default Constructor Parameters With Collections 2022-05-26

In dart one can have optional named parameters instead of positional parameters. This not only allows one to allow named arguments when calling methods but also default values:

void writeCount({int count = 5, String prefix = ''}) {
  List.generate(count, (i) => i + 1).forEach((e) => print('$prefix$e'));

void main(List<String> arguments) {
  writeCount(count: 3);
  writeCount(count: 3, prefix: 'Last one: ');
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MyMustReads Mobile E-Book Reader Review 2022-05-25

As I frequently lament the over-concentration of money, power, and control into the same few big companies I try to counter that by looking at alternatives. One I found which works okay but not great has been Bookshop.org as a replacement for Amazon. Their prices are a bit higher and delivery times a bit longer but their big advantage is that they are networking small bookshops and providing ways to see what is in local bookshops that you can visit rather than it always be delivery. The biggest detractor for me isn’t any of the above. It is that I don’t generally want to buy or read hard copy. I want to buy digital books. In the past I’ve used Kodo, Kindle, and some other readers. I even started working on my own mobile e-book reader to run under Blackberry a long time ago (that went nowhere of course). While exploring Bookshop I noticed they had a tie in to an e-book platform named MyMustReads . I therefore decided to give it a try to see how I liked it. I wish I could say I was so blown away it’d be easy to ditch Kindle for this but sadly that is not the state of affairs.

Icon for the MyMustReads E-Book Reader app
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Digital/Fast News Detox Update And Round 2 2022-05-25

one month ago I started a new digital/fast news detox experiment . I haven’t had a perfect run of it. I’ve certainly indulged in a bit more social media than I should have, on Friendica mostly but a little bit on Facebook. I definitely indulged more in instant messaging to fill in some of the time. I also wasn’t good about timeboxing my RSS feed reading to the evening hour either. I was bad about cutting down on my YouTube time as well, but I did keep that almost exclusively to tech and food topics not current events and not short clips either. Even with all of that it was a radical change in my consumption habits and a radical reduction in the dopamine fix seeking. It was successful enough I plan on rolling it into a second month with some tweaks.

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