Daily Updates 2013-05-21

As I think about how an adaptation to a new diet evolves, I think that commentary of the results day to day needs to go along with a more general discussion of how things are going in the diet.  There is the concept of a journal entry to discuss this general component, but a look at the day-to-day specifics of what is going on really deserves its own section.  The journal will be more colorful language and describing the failures and successes at that given point in time.  An accounting of what I ate or did in a given day however will go into a daily updates section.  Ideally this would take my already digital log of consumed food, activities and perhaps moods and show it in a brief set of words and graphics.

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Daily Update: Monday, 20 May 2013 2013-05-21

Today was supposed to be an easy run day on my training routine, and sure enough it was a nice 2.5 miles not evening hitting zone three. Diet could have been better, especially with the indulgences in brownies after dinner, but overall not bad, with health bars and carrots as snacks and breakfast, sushi for lunch and a nice big lean filet with huge salad for dinner.

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Amazing and Depressing Hot Dogs 2013-05-21 Perusing the various sites I ran across this video on the manufacturing process for hot dogs. It’s incredible how they start with such crap ingredients, add yet even more crap ingredients, cover it with more artificial crap ingredients and then package it up. (More ...)
Welcome 2013-05-20 I had originally intended to wait to open this blog up to the world. I wanted to have more of a foundation in my plan, however I’m too excited to wait at this point. (More ...)
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