Annual Review 2023: Finally A Real Fitness Reboot 2024-01-01

Year after year my annual review starts with a lament about wanting to do better, a candid review of actual metrics, and then some plan for moving forward. This year is similar but also different. I still wish I did better but this is the first year that I had a serious, long term fitness reboot since I started this annual tradition. So no, it wasn’t perfect. It started off pretty poorly actually, but with the longest period of having stuff dialed in and a stronger finish than I’ve had before I am excited for what is to come.

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Friendica Database Size Management 2023-11-26

I’ve been on the fediverse since creating my first Diaspora account in 2018. I’ve maintained my own presence here since establishing my own Friendica server in late-2021/early-2022. While it definitely has its ups and downs by far one of the biggest things to watch out for is the ever increasing size of the local storage for these servers. It’s not just about content generated by the local users but also content comming from across the fediverse that those users interact with. This post tries to capture some of the commands I use to get a picture of what is going on on my server.

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My Sourdough Starter Making Journal 2023-11-08

I started with making sourdough bread back in 2010 when a neighbor gave me some of his starter. I’ve kept that going ever since, with him having kept it going since the mid-1970s. During the COVID lockdown when the sourdough bread making thing was taking off people kept asking me how to start one. The thing is, I never started one from scratch. I decided to do it, document it, and post about it on my blog to help people. As I see now I did the first two parts but never actually documented it here. This post remedies that, albeit almost four years later. Below you will see the source of the program I used, the overall theme of it, how the process unfolded for me, and my first bake with it.

Picture of the tartine loaf done at the end
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2023 Goal Accountability Phase 9 Closeout/Phase 10 Kickoff 2023-09-12

Phase 9 of this year’s Goal Accountability is now in the books as well. The novelty of keeping the exercise being dialed in is now gone. I’ve manaed to keep that dialed in for another four weeks straight. There was some falting, both planned and unplanned, in the other metrics though.

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2023 Goal Accountability Phase 8 Closeout/Phase 9 Kickoff 2023-08-13

A third full Goal Accountibility Phase since my reboot is now in the books. I’ve continued to build on my previous three periods of momentum even as I have had more perturbations to my schedule. I’m thinking of making big plans beyond the baselines here, specifically with respect to my cardiovascular training. However I don’t want to self sabotage by having those loftier goals cause me to stumble and bring the whole house of cards down.

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My Longo Inspired Cancer Avoidance Fast Results 2023-08-07

With enough time to capture a couple of weeks of data after the fast, it is now possible to take a look at what the results were from the fast as well as to discuss how I felt about it overall and potential tweaks for the future. This is the final post in this series for my first go of this fast. The usual disclaimer applies though. I am not a doctor, trainer, dietitian, nutritionist, or any other expert in any related field. I’m talking about my amateur and anecdotal experiences here and none of this should replace expert medical advice.

You can find the other posts at:

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Fasting Transition Days' Soup Recipe 2023-07-17

I’m finally getting around to writing about the end of my fast. First up is the highly nutritious, low sodium, 100% plant based soup that I ate throughout the day on the two transition days:

Picture of bowl of the soup
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2023 Goal Accountability Phase 7 Closeout/Phase 8 Kickoff 2023-07-16

I’ve now completed two full Goal Accountability phases after my health reboot in springtime. I had enough confidence in my ability to maintain momentum even with more challenging requirements for each of my metrics. I definitely maintained my momentum but there were more stumbles than before as a consequence of that. Even with those stumbles my grades for the past four week phase were pretty solid.

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Pyotr Patrushev: The Man Who Swam From the USSR 2023-07-15 I recently became aware of a man named Pyotr Patrushev . His claim to fame is that he was one of the first and only people to escape the Soviet Union by swimming to freedom across the Black Sea. (More ...)
Fasting Day 5 2023-07-09

Today is the final day, the transition out day, of the five day “Longo Inspired Cancer Avoidance Fast” . I didn’t sleep well at all. While I technically got more than seven hours of sleep it was pretty fragmented I’m down a yet another 2.5 pounds. My night time heart rate looked normal as does my heart rate variability and my morning blood pressure. Like the previous days I woke up feeling a bit hung over and dehydrated but once I started having some decaf coffee and water I felt much better.

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