Time for another weekly challenge; Vegan Week here we come…

A couple of weeks out from my paleo week experiment I’m feeling the urge to try another one of the diets.  I like the idea of trying the ones that flex my fortitude a little more.  Sure I could just pic the pescatarian diet, which would mean basically only cutting meat and poultry out. When I’m on these plans I’m also substantially cutting back on refined sugars, desserts and so on which makes them more healthy than that.  However I really want the challenge of experiencing one of the more challenging diets.  I think my choice is going to be to try the vegan diet for a week.  As a side benefit of that I’m hoping to get more focused on eliminated artificially sweetened beverages.  I did great on that for two weeks.  Then I had one every other day.  Now I’m up to two.  You can see from my chart I am still doing well by the original projection but definitely not headed in the right direction.  So, stay tuned for my setup and execution of Vegan Week, coming soon to a theater near you…

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