Paleo start inches closer…

Sunday as the “big day” kick off.  I will have completed all of my baseline measurements, and maybe even gotten all my back articles written.  The last two months I have been dutifully recording all my data but I haven’t had the time to sit down and writing about it.  Since my Paleo experiment’s recipe experimentation isn’t going to be quite as persistent, I won’t be having to write ad nauseum about all that.  So that will give me time to catch up on the other journaling.

In the lead up I’ve been enjoying some indulgences I know I’m going to be swearing off for awhile.  I’m eating moderately healthy most days, but have been throwing in bread, pasta, ice cream or maybe some pretzels and cheese.  I will be going hard core into it after June 1st, which unfortunately means my poorly timed “pizza night” for Sunday is out of the question.  There is no way I’m going to start off with trying to make one of those cauliflower “crusts” for a paleo pizza on the first day.  I want to start off with some wins, not an epic fail.

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