Basis Peak Review Coming Soon

I had the fortune of getting a Basis Peak for Christmas this year.  I lusted after the Basis B1 and all the data it could generate but knew there were kinks that had to be worked out.  They did work a lot of them out but the question is how well did they do it?  How does this compare with the FitBit?  How accurate is the data?  How well does the software work.  I don’t want to do a half-cocked review, so I’m in the process of actually accumulating data on accuracy.  I will say that while it has lots of pluses, there are some minuses as well.  They are minuses that are addressable without hardware changes, in this computer geek’s estimation anyway, but the question is will Basis be willing to make those changes considering several of the “coming soon” changes have been “coming soon” for over a year now.  In the mean time, here’s to collecting more data 🙂