Marathon Baby Step #2: Four, Two-Minute Run Sessions

Last week I celebrated running for the first time in a year or so.  It may have only been two minutes at a time of a 10 minute mile pace, and a total of six minutes over half an hour, but it was a start.  This week I ramped it up another level by doing one extra set.  I also added some miles to get up to three miles and to do a fast walk at a 15 minute mile pace instead of a slower walk, but it was a start.  I maxed my heart rate out on the last step, but it felt great.  Now I have to deal with the tightness throughout the day and probably some delayed onset muscle soreness.  The expression, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time,” sprang to mind today, hence my tweet about it earlier.  The fact that in 2012 I ran that same pace over 13.1 miles and was going strong at the end should be demoralizing I guess. I’m basically back to where I was in the beginning of that year though.  So when you think about it that way it’s a bit encouraging, once you get over the whole letting myself go thing…

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