Sumo Citrus

In all my life I had never heard of Sumo Citrus. I’m not exactly the most diverse fruit eater compared to your typical foodie. I’ve tried a pluot and some others. I’ve watched people on cooking contest shows work with weird fruits. However as I’m walking through the produce section I saw a giant sign that said “Sumo Citrus” and looked down to see what to me looked like really ugly oranges. They felt ridiculously over-ripe when I picked it up. I was afraid if I didn’t treat it like it had the daintiness of a soap bubble that I would crush it in my hand. Still, there was something intriguing about it so I bought one to try as soon as I got home.

Sumo Citrus
A pile of Sumo Citrus at the grocery store.

I have to say that this was one of the tastiest oranges I’ve ever had. The rind was barely attached to the flesh which made peeling it a breeze. The flesh was a bit on the dry side so it didn’t squirt juice everywhere as I tried to eat it. The membraine was very fine so it didn’t give an off flavor the orange, partially because the pith didn’t have a chance to stay attached. The best part yet was that it was also seedless! I did some research and apparently these are special mandarine oranges that go through a lot of care towards the end and are picked just as they get ripe and then shuttled to stores. I’m probably glad I didn’t look at the price before or after I purchased one. Yes, I’d get another one if the price isn’t too outrageous though!

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