Daily Jots for 05 Jul 2022

08:39: A great review of 1982-era CGI for the making of Tron, including John Lasseter describing his first viewing it as a Disney animator and becoming inspired. #retrocomputing #ComputerHistory https://youtu.be/Tm4i6D3XXBQ

08:41: …and a doe with her fawns (the size of medium dogs at this point) just started playing in the back yard. Magical morning :)

10:32: In today’s mental ruminations (aka procrastination technique) I’m thinking about how I could use a Friendica instance with a customer feeder to make a ’news’ node on the Fediverse. Yes its been done but I want to do it again but one that crosses protocols (because Friendica) and is consistent with its publishing. #fediverse #friendica #ActivityPub #news