An Update on my 'Jots' Process

A couple weeks ago I started experimenting with “jotting” here on my blog. The idea was to create an easy way from the command line to write little quips I would put up on social media but have them be persistent on my blog. I create this Dart-based Jotter tool for the purpose as well. The initial version just dumped out or appended to a file in my Hugo static site source tree that I could easily push up. I then added a mode where it would also post that to my Friendica account linked back to it. Overall I liked the process but there was some nagging stuff I didn’t like. It was sort of polluting my main blog timeline. A blog reader (yeah I was kind of shocked I had some beyond friends and relatives too) reached out about the annoyance factor of how it was set up. I therefore have refactored the blog and tool so that Jots are now its own area and menu item. Anyone can go to that menu item to see them. If they want to have them show up in their RSS feed they can follow this RSS link to them as well.