Daily Jots for 31 Jul 2022

10:43: Thought I was walking one way instead of another on the trails around where I’m staying right now and ended up accidentally walking nearly six miles. My body is not used to that distance in one go right now so will pay a little for that but wasn’t hard necessarily.

11:23: …although I will say that when I do my miles in a neighborhood I find listening to music and podcasts on my headphones indispensible. Doing the same walk on nature(ish) trails I find the headphones to be an unwanted distraction.

12:42: I had intended to have a day full of development/development documentation by writing some posts but instead it has manifested as helping some people with some coding and Friendica questions. In many ways that is even more enjoyable, especially since there was a high probability I was going to procrastinate away the hours not doing any of that development/development documentation at all :)

13:58: A sign that Matrix is on the cusp of hitting mainstream: the number of spam bots/accounts seems to be increasing geometrically.