Dart Experiment: Snake Game in Many Ways

Yesterday I posted about how inspired I was to try to do server-side Dart again after watching this PeerTube video by Andy Balaam from way back in 2015. In it he was experimenting with the then very new Dart language in the browser doing his usual thing of writing a game of Snake. I’ve honestly never written a game of any kind. That is something I’ve also been really itching to try to do as well. I have been wanting to experiment with doing more server side dart. Snake is a relatively constrained game so it was worth me giving it a shot. The confluence of all that made the urge to try to do both too great to resist.

Along with server side Dart another thing I’ve been wanting to experiment with is adding more advanced UIs to console applications using NCURSES. I therefore decided I’d do a version of Snake in:

  • Standard Dart Web App
  • Flutter
  • Jaspr web framework

After some fumbling around and a lot of progress I now have it for all but the last target. I’m excited enough I wanted to share screenshots before the weekend. Once I finish up the Jaspr version I will post all the code to a repo and write at least one post, maybe a few, on the experience.


Screenshot of the NCURSES version of the snake game

Dart Web Snake

Screenshot of the Dart Web version of the snake game

Flutter Snake on Linux

Screenshot of the Flutter on Linux version of the snake game

Flutter Snake on Web (Chromium)

Screenshot of the Flutter in Chromium version of the snake game