CSS Naked Day

A friend on the fediverse pointed out that today is CSS Naked Day . It is an annual tradition going back to 2006 to “…promote web standards. Plain and simple. This includes proper use of HTML, semantic markup, a good hierarchy structure, and of course, a good old play on words. In the words of 2006, it’s time to show off your for what it really is.” So I decided to do that here as well. SVG scaling was all being done with CSS so I had to add some size hints to the image tags for the icons. I actually think that is somewhat of an anti-pattern generally though. While my site is readable it isn’t awesomely so. I suppose if I wanted to keep it in this sort of state longer I could do things like make sure that the posts headers using header markings in the list view etc. Maybe when I have some more time later I’ll look at making it more optimized for this. I do think that the code plain text looks a lot better than the non-HighlightJS style in my theme though. Anyway…as experiment though it is interesting enough as is.