Health Reboot Week 3 Update

Week #3 of my 30 day Health Reboot challenge is now in the books. I’m pleased to report that I finished it even stronger than I did the previous weeks.

The grading criteria mentioned in the original post are:

So the 30 Day reboot goals looks like the following:

  • Goal 1: Eat a Blue Zones inspired plant dominant diet averaging at least 90 grams of protein a day
  • Goal 2: Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night
  • Goal 3: 20 minutes of focused cardio exercise (indoor cycling, running, swimming)
  • Goal 4: Daily calisthenics or yoga
  • Goal 5: 15 minutes or more of meditation

On the eating front (Goal #1) I had stuff very nailed down most days. Even my “really” slack days were mere 3.0 (B) and were not total indulgences. Most days were perfect 4.0s though. Week 4 I have two parties that will be loaded with delicious, decadent, and very not on spec options. I’m fine with taking a serious ding from time to time without beating myself up about it. It is more the sustained eating like crap that I keep an eye out for. For this week however I brought in a solid A- with a 3.71 grade.

On the sleep front (Goal #2) I again did much better as well. I still had a couple nights I went to bed later than I should have but I was able to stay asleep long enough to nullify that later time. This next week too is going to probably have some major dings with scheduling things out of my control will probably me averaging well south of 7 hours. However for this week I brought the grade up for the previous week to another A- with a 3.84.

On the exercise front (Goal #3 and #4) I again nailed it. I can’t begin to express how stoked I am at how “required” the daily cardio and training exercises have become. My usual “how do I convince myself I shouldn’t do it today” has turned into “how do I make sure this gets done today.” With the schedule challenges mentioned above this next week is really going to put stress on me maintianing my perfect score. Unlike the food dings which I’m willing to take to enjoy a good party, or the sleep dings which I have no choice but to take, these two categories I am going to strike to keep my perfect score. I don’t care if I have to do these at midnight or 5 am.

On the meditation front again I had a perfect score. I was having far more problems with my sitting though. I thought that by the end of this week I’d be able to not have monkey mind going on for a good 20 minutes and that doing a sitting of 30 minutes would be no big deal. I ended up often having just the bare minimums. I know some of this distraction is being driven crazy by world events and my penchant for wasting too much time on social media. I can therefore see a digital detox being in my near future.

Overall Week #3 was

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Goal 1 (Diet) 3.70 (A-) 3.14 (B) 3.71 (A-) - -
Goal 2 (Sleep) 3.93 (A-) 3.29 (B) 3.84 (A-) - -
Goal 3 (Cardio) 4.00 (A) 4.00 (A) 4.00 (A) - -
Goal 4 (Training) 4.00 (A) 4.00 (A) 4.00 (A) - -
Goal 5 (Meditation) 4.00 (A) 4.00 (A) 4.00 (A) - -
Total GPA 3.93 (A-) 3.69 (B+) 3.91 (A-) - -