Weekly Review: 5/26-6/1, 2013

This was a good rebound week from the weekend long food orgy that is Memorial Day weekend.  For the most part I ate a much cleaner diet.  Dinners, sadly, were often capped with ice cream and yesterday was another big feast day.  I ran 7 miles, supposed to be 8, yesterday morning though so even with wolfing down sumptuous food and some good beer continuously for an entire afternoon and evening, I still was only 500 calories over what I burned for the day and while it was excessively high in bad fats and refined sugars, the micronutrient profile was actually pretty solid.  This week I’m hoping to lay out a relatively clean diet heading into an awesome yoga retreat weekend.  I’ll be experimenting with some ice cream, yogurt and cheese recipes so will be indulging in those a bit.  I’ll also be experimenting with a Paleo Bolognese recipe.  We’ll see how that all turns out.