Weekly Review: 6/2-6/8, 2013

Week was pretty solid from a nutrition standpoint.  I met or exceeded all of the RDA’s for all micronutrients and fiber.  Carbs were over 50% of my total calories, and saturated fat was a little high.  Overall though calories were in check, I ate mostly well with the exception of dessert indulgences.  That’s what happens when I make Key Lime Pie, ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Exercise wise I hit my target long run but I didn’t hold up on my cross training days.  I’ll have to redouble my efforts next week.

On the blogging front I’m considering trying to setup a “day in the life” scenario for each of the diets.  For each day in a week I’ll plan out and eat each of the suggested diets for that day.  It will get me in the habit of planning of planning a healthy and complete daily diet for each of the eating regimes, as well as getting me used to trying to cook some of the food.

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