Junk Food "Heaven"

After spending a week of indulging myself at Disney World’s Food and Wine festival (will post about that later, unfortunately behind) I figured this week I’d get back to my healthy eating and exercise.  Unfortunately a stressful and busy work schedule has conspired against that.  Skipping the gory details I’ll leave it at that junk food of all sorts (candy bars, chips, cookies) have been in great supply.   Lunches have been not that great either,  today’s was some more pizza.

Between the two weeks of crap eating, hectic schedule and not exercising at all, my body has been really craving this junk food.  What’s sad is how little willpower I have against the junk food at this point.  Sure, I’ll have an extra slice of pizza, or a handful of chocolate covered almonds, or Reeses cups, or chips.  What’s most interesting to me is how my appetite is never satiated.  I’m not eating as much as I “could” but it’s still many hundreds of calories of nothing but junk food every day.   Along with not being good for me, leading me to crave insane quantities of food and not feeling great I have a feeling it’s going to lead to my 20 mile long run being a complete disaster.  Hopefully I’ll get some time to do some running tomorrow and/or Friday to get my body somewhat ready for the beating.