T-4 Days To Elimination Diet, Could Have Gone Better…

For phasing reasons the beginning of the elimination diet phase begins on Sunday, so I still have four more days to start getting acclimated.  I suppose I could just start things right away, but I’m trying to ease myself into it.  By far the biggest thing to get used to is making these JJ Virgin Health Shakes.  This is now the second time I’ve made them, and this time they actually turned out a bit better.  First, I got a real blender for Christmas, so the actual process of making the shake was a lot smoother than with the stick blender.  On top of that, I now have the correct coconut milk.  I still have a bunch of the sweetened vanilla flavored So Delicious coconut milk, but now I have the unsweetened stuff too.  Considering how much getting used it took the first time I ate one of these things, I figured with the unsweetened version it would have been worse.  In actuality I found this shake to be far more palatable.  Maybe my brain is getting used to the pea protein powder faster than I thought it would.

Despite the shake the rest of the day was status quo, eating wise.  I thawed out some left over turkey and mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving for lunch.  For dinner I polished off the left over shrimp marinara and home made pasta.  I even snacked on some chocolate covered peanut butter balls.  Especially those last indulgences made the day overall a nutritional dud, but on the plus side I did get a workout in for the first time since the beginning of December.  I was shocked that not only was the gym not especially crowded, in fact it was nearly empty.  I actually got to park up front and get any machine I wanted when I wanted it.  I’m guessing the herd doesn’t reach the gym until this weekend.  Meanwhile my cardio performance was as poor as it was last January, when I hadn’t run for over a month a half after my first half marathon.  If last year was any indication however I should bounce back into my running form in a matter of weeks though.

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