T-3 days, status quo

I had the unfortunate need to wake up early today, but i still wanted to try to get a shake made before I left.  Now that it’s the third time making it I found it quite easy to do.  The bigger problem was going to be that I wasn’t going to have time to get the rest of my meals in.  I had no intention of eating compliant with the elimination diet but I did want to try to eat somewhat healthy.  The “Boneless Wings” (aka chicken nuggets) and cornbread at Famous Dave’s didn’t contribute to that, but I figured I’d be off that stuff for awhile so why not?  I did do a relatively clean sushi for dinner, but after not having much to eat today and a rough drive I added a little bread and some carrots to the mix afterward.  Oh, did I mention a couple of glasses of white wine too?  After three hours of driving in white out snow condition I was really wanting to just chill a bit.  That did the trick.