Paleo Day 13: Technically In Check But Poor Diet

The end of the second week is now coming quickly.  It’s becoming a bit tiresome to explain schedule problems for poor eating, but it is what I grapple with.  I just need to shift some stuff around to fix, but I didn’t.  While it wasn’t a totally horrible eating day, it wasn’t the best either.  It may have been technically compliant, but not really.

I had to fast from the evening before for a 9 am doctor’s appointment.  I therefore have a legitimate excuse for skipping breakfast.  By the time that was all done I was feeling a bit hungry and it was still not even 10:30.  I therefore had a big bowl of frozen berries to tide me over until lunch.  Lunch was originally going to be around noon, but I forgot we had a noon meeting.  Lunch therefore didn’t actually happen until almost 2pm and by that point I was really hungry.  I got my Chipotle Paleo Bowl once again but I added a second helping of meat to it.  That still didn’t really hold me over.

I knew I was going to be attending a game night party, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to depend on there being many snacks I could eat there.  It turned out the host did have a good amount of food besides just chips, but unfortunately I was correct that none of it was going to be remotely paleo.  I therefore whipped up a huge skillet of sauteed mushrooms, kale, spinach and arugula.  I had this salad mix that was a couple days too old, so I figured I’d just use what I could and cook it rather than throw it all away.  I ended up only being able to eat half of it, but it was enough to hold me over at the party.

At the party itself I stayed close-ish to Paleo, but I’m going to count it as a bit of a cheat.  I only had a couple of glasses of wine, and no beer.  So that part was good.  I also brought my alcohol removed champagne, so had a good deal of that.  I count that as fruit juice, essentially, which isn’t a cheat exactly but it is an indulgence.  I also had a good bit of salami, pepperoni and potato chips.  It’s that last item that is really not Paleo.  Potatoes are one thing, potato chips are another.  If they were potato chips that were baked that would be one thing.  I’m sure these were fried in some kind of vegetables or soybean (or both) oil.  Of course deep frying is not great, but deep frying in those oils is definitely verboten.  I don’t consider as bad a cheat as if I had had some of the pasta salad or the chicken nuggets, both of which looked really good.  It is still a cheat though.

I had originally intended on finishing up the spinach skillet when I got home and maybe adding some more fruit to it to round out my diet, but it was so late when I got home I just went to sleep.  I’ll get started on diet clean up tomorrow.