Paleo Day 23: Back to some good Paleo Home Meals

Monday, June 23, 2014–Finally done with travel I had the luxury of eating at home again.  It’s a bit ironic that while eating out used to be the luxury because of cost, now eating at home is a luxury because of lack of time.  I used that time, which wasn’t too much more, to not only get some good Paleo eating in but to also finally start my running back up.

The day actually started with the running.  Out of bed I hopped onto the running trail for a quick three mile run.  I’m supposed to be keeping things in a lower gear, but that wasn’t really what I was feeling.  I was finally out back on the road again and it was only three miles.  So, rather than stick in a Zone 2 heart rate I just ran it out.  I’m way out of shape compared to where I was, so my time sucked, but it did feel refreshing to get the cob webs out on a good strong run.

After the run I really needed to get some nourishment in.  I was torn between an egg-based breakfast or my Virgin Diet Shake.  In the end tho Diet Shake won out.  I tried to make it extra thick by using the mixing wand that is attached to the blender lid.  That does help, but it still was just way too thick, so half way through I modded it up with just a little water.  I washed all that down with a modification of the turmeric and ginger tea.  I decided to add a heaping spoonful of cinnamon to it.  That certainly changed the flavor profile a lot, and I certainly enjoyed it.  I’ll keep messing around with the turmeric tea until something really resonates with me.

I went from breakfast to lunch in several short hours. I was actually really hungry for lunch since the shake, even with the added berries, didn’t even meet the energy I had expended on the run.  It was a food court day and Chipotle is really the only option besides the salad bar.  I did my Paleo Bowl, again with the extra meat, and gobbled it all down.  All I could think of fifteen minutes later was, “I want some more!”  Unfortunately there was no more to be had and there are no Paleo friendly treats in the office at all.  It was therefore just going to be a long wait until dinner.

Dinner was rather simple as a flank steak with a baked sweet potato between the two of us.  To that I wanted to add some vegetables.  Rather than steam up some vegetables I instead heated up that cauliflower based Clam Chowder that I made a few weeks ago from the recipe at Cafe Janae.  Once reheated it had the exact same flavor and texture as it was just out of the pot.  I love foods that freeze well like that!

We had some errands to run for the rest of the night and didn’t get home until after 11 pm.  Because of my running I was very under on calories for the day.  I had hoped to eat some fruit when I got home, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  The next morning, like this morning, will be an early one with alarm clock and all.  The last thing I need to do is make it a restless night for some reason.