Paleo Day 30: Sushi, Sushi and more Sushi

With a day of training, but with some necessary errands mixed in, I didn’t plan on doing much more than eating my huge vegetable and nuts snack, eating some salad then coming home and repeating the same routine.  Boy did I call that wrong!

I didn’t have much time in the morning so a fast shake was all I could squeeze in.  I made it the same way as I did on Saturday, since I did enjoy it a bunch.  Unfortunately that used up all my pea protein powder so there will be no more shakes until my grocery store starts carrying that product again.  Hopefully they are just out of stock for some reason.

I wasn’t especially hungry at all through the day. I think those shakes with the kale and nuts really fill me up even more than the original version.  Still, by the time 12:30 rolled around I knew it was a good idea to get something to eat.  I was feeling a bit carb light since yesterday so I figured a little rice from sushi would be helpful.  I didn’t want to overeat at lunch so just had a roll and four pieces of sushi.  That turned out to be a bit of a mistake because by 2:30 pm I was already breaking into my pound of carrots, tomatoes and mixed nuts.  I slowly ate those over the following hour or so.

I managed to get to the gym around 6:00 pm, unfortunately without my workout watch and heart rate monitor.  I banged out my weight routine despite the place being a total madhouse.  I have been pleasantly surprised that the last two workouts I’ve really bumped up the weight I’m doing on all my exercises except my shoulders.  It’s still a laughable amount of weight compared to everyone around me, but it is where I am.  The starkest comparison I have ever seen at the gym occurred while I was struggling through my shoulder raises.  This kid that could be no more than 19, and probably more like 17 was doing dumbbell presses with 25 pound weights.  I’m not one to knock anyone, so I mean this next comment just as a point of reference.  The kid could have been blown over by a stiff breeze.  If he was more than 130 pounds I’d be shocked.  As he finished up one set this huge body builder guy sits down next to him with his weights.

He starts his dumbbell presses and his arms and veins are bulging.  His whole body is turning beet red.  Even out of the corner of my eye I could tell that he was lifting some serious weight.  I look over to see the number on the side-105 pounds.  I had just congratulated myself on hitting 45 pound dumbbells for the same exercise, the kid next to him weighs only a bit more than each of those dumbbells, and he’s pumping out rep after rep of these presses.  I didn’t even know they made 105 pound dumbbells, much less anyone would use them for more than having to hold open a very heavy vault door.  But I digress.  After I finished up my weights I did a brief swim set.  I had originally intended to do a full workout but my arms were still a bit tired from the weights and I got the intended stretching which was what I was really hoping for anyway.

I knew before I left to go to the gym that sushi was going to be the food of the evening.  I also knew that wasn’t going to be sufficient.  While I was grocery shopping I picked up a bottle of kombucha to drink on the drive home. My sushi dinner was pretty much a repeat of my sushi lunch but with an extra few pieces of sushi.  I still wanted more after that so I cut into the seedless watermelon I bought late last week and chomped down on a couple of pounds of that.  As the night wore on that just wasn’t cutting it so i ultimately also had a bit of almond butter to just top things off.

Hopefully tomorrow will be day 3 in a row of exercising.