80/10/10 Day Redux

Wow!  I thought I liked to eat.  I knew that trying to eat ten pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables in a day was going to be daunting.  I got most of the way there, but enough was enough!

My day was going to start with a nice slow wake up and some yoga to start getting the beef jerky out of my legs and back.  Unfortunately I didn’t do any prep work last night so that fell all to this morning.  Unfortunately all the peeling, chopping, dicing, et cetera took me about an hour to get done.  It was okay though, because it did keep me moving most of the time.

The day was supposed to start out with a breakfast of one pound of strawberries, one pound of watermelon and two bananas.  Hypothetically that should be something that I consume actually sitting down and mindfully eating, but lets take one step at a time.  I ended up eating all but the bananas as I was making the rest of the food.  It allowed me to make the process a bit shorter.  The banana I just added to the pile I was taking to work for snacks and ate throughout the morning.

Lunch was supposed to be a huge salad of a quarter pound of kale, a quarter pound of raw mushrooms half pound each of carrots, tomatoes, and broccoli.  Hypothetically it was all supposed to be raw, but in order to have a prayer of fitting it into the container, and to maybe make it easier on the digestive system, I flash steamed the kale and the broccoli.  All of this was topped with a dressing made of strawberries, almonds, and a little water pureed smooth with a dash of salt, pepper and garlic on top.  This was supposed to be lunch but actual lunch was actually a small beet and arugula salad (sans the cheese) with a splash of balsamic vinegar at the Cheesecake factory.  It was very tasty and I was already pretty full from the morning meal but I still worked through this enormous salad through the early afternoon.

After an afternoon meeting I started working my way through my snack of one pound of tomatoes, a quarter pound of raw mushrooms and a banana.  At this point I felt done eating for the rest of the day.  That feeling continued all the way to this point (9 pm).  I knew I should eat a little more so I did force myself to eat a pound of watermelon and a banana around dinner time.  That plus a half pound of strawberries was supposed to be my snack after eating yet another one of those huge salads.

I guess if my system was used to this sort of eating it would be fine.  It isn’t.  As it is I can’t imagine trying to eat like this for even a week much less indefinitely.  I do think I’m going to reserve doing something like this on days I think I’m going to go into “Cookie Monster” mode.  If I’m going to be voraciously eating everything in sight it might as well be something very healthy and filling, like this was…