Zero Waste As a Path To Voluntary Simplicity

Years ago I remember reading a blog article on this family that generated almost no trash.  I was picturing some very granola hippy family in a house with soft lighted wooden rooms and homemade furniture; sort of a hunting log cabin meets Swiss Family Robinson.  I ran across this video of the family and their actual lifestyle is not even remotely like that.  Instead this family lives a very normal urban lifestyle.  She doesn’t spend her time accommodating her zero waste lifestyle, it actually saves her time.  It doesn’t cost a fortune to do things this way her spending is down 40% from where it was originally.  As a person that generates far more waste than the average consumer and spends way too much on too much crap that I don’t need I like the idea of exploring her methodologies as a way to reduce that and maybe move towards the principles of Voluntary Simplicity that I found so intriguing years ago but that I have in recent years totally divested myself of.