Fasting Day 4

Today is the third and final “real” fasting day of the five day “Longo Inspired Cancer Avoidance Fast” . I definitely woke up feeling more brain fog than yesterday and this time I got plenty of sleep. I definitely felt more dehydrated when I woke up too. No headaches or anything like that though. And as I’m sipping my morning cup of coffee I’m feeling less of both. I’m down a bit over another 2.5 pounds. My night time heart rate looked normal as does my heart rate variability. Even though it hasn’t been awful I’m glad today is the last “real” day of fasting too and tomorrow is a transition day.


  • 06:30 – I went to bed a bit early, got a good 7.5 hours of sleep even though almost felt like waking up an hour ago. I needed the rest after two nights of less than 7 hours though so glad I got it in.
  • 08:45 – 45+ minute walk and 15 minutes yoga done. I started the walk feeling a bit groggy still but ended it feeling back to normal, albeit with a rumbling tummy.
  • 11:30 – My food obsession is definitely getting the better of me now. I decided to try to abate that by heading over to Discovery+ and watch cooking shows I’ve never even heard of much less seen before. I’m trying to emphasize cuisines I’m not very familiar with, starting off with an episode of “Girl Meets Farm” about her multicultural twists on classic Jewish New Year recipes.
  • 12:10 – I got a decent head rush standing up too fast after from laying to watch TV for 30 minutes or so. I decided to check my vitals and everything still looks solid with respect to heart rate, heart rate variability, and blood pressure. Blood pressure was down slightly from when I woke up, from 119/76 to 113/73 but well within normal ranges. Still no headaches, no return of brain fog/loopiness but I definitely have a low energy “dragging ass” feeling. Time to “eat” some “lunch” by having some more decaf coffee and Pelligrino.
  • 16:00 – My god am I really dragging ass now. I took a 30 minute nap a little while ago but that didn’t help. I still am feeling loopy when I stand up too fast from laying down for longer periods of time even though blood pressure, heart rate, HRV, etc. still within normal levels. Food cravings are even more intense as the day wears on even though I switched off from watching cooking videos. I’m more annoyed than anything else. 09:00 tomorrow couldn’t get here fast enough.
  • 18:00 – After taking in some videos of a dietetian reviewing various celebrity fad diets, a couple more episodes of cooking shows highlighting South Indian, Honduran, and Mexican cuisine I’ve decided to have dinner. Again it’s going to be decaf coffee and Pelligrino. I just saw Titanic has been added to Netflix again and I’ve been consuming a bunch of Titanic videos after the whole OceansGate debacle so I figure why not kill a good 3+ hours watching that too…
  • 22:45 – Last core day of the fast is done. I’m very much looking forward to executing the transition day tomorrow when I can start eating again at 09:00. Granted that’s going to be a cup of broth but “real” food will begin soon enough after that.