Fasting Day 1: Transition In

Today is the first day of the five day “Longo Inspired Cancer Avoidance Fast” . Yesterday being the 4th of July I had quite the BBQ splurge to celebrate the day. Now it is on to the first day of the fast. This is my first time trying this rendition of it. As with most fasts I am keeping a journal. Unlike previous fasts I’ve decided to keep that journal here on my blog versus in my personal journal. If people find it interesting or helpful then awesome. If people find it tiresome then maybe mute me until Monday of next week when the fast ends. That of course assumes I actually keep up with journaling through this. It could easily be quite boring.


  • 07:00: woke up at a pretty normal time. My stomach was a bit unsettled from the excessively large dinner from last night but otherwise good to go
  • ~08:00: did a morning workout routine of 20 minutes of pilates (first time ever) followed by 30 minutes of an easy Peloton bike ride using the “scenic route” self paced program. Even though today has a decent amount of calorie consumption I don’t want to do anything that really strains my system. I want to keep it stimulated though.
  • 12:30 Sitting down to eat the first of two huge bowls of soup. The recipe I came up with actually turned out well enough I’m going to add it to my custom recipe file on I started cooking it at 11:30 and still wasn’t hungry yet. Of course once cooking starts the stomach starts rumbling though :). You can find the post with the recipe here .
  • 20:20: I wrapped up dinner at 19:00 exactly, which was the target start time for the actual “water” part of the water fast. Good thing I ended up enjoying the soup concoction. I intend to write a blog post on that at some point during this fast. In the mean time, I’m now an hour and twenty minutes in and won’t see any real food until Sunday morning.
  • ~23:00 Day 1 in the books. It was a transition in day with a decent amount of calories consumed in two huge, by volume, meals and even a mid-day snack of a handful of cashews and walnuts. Tomorrow will be the first “real” day of essentially no calories consumed.