Friendica Archive Building and Browsing 2022-01-23

Due to various circumstances I got sidetracked from getting the Kyanite Facebook Archive Browser out the door this month as intended. Part of that was because I found out that my Friendica instance was shutting down at the end of the month. Friendica is one of many projects on “The Fediverse” alternatives to the big-tech owned platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). While it has many advantages one of the disadvantages is that most of the servers that you would join through are run by one or two people. That means when they decide to pull up stakes you have to figure out what to do with your fediverse digital existence too. That’s where I found myself at the beginning of the month. My answer was to take my new found skills with Dart and Flutter and the Kyanite code base to create an archival and archive viewing system for Friendica. The archiver and browser can be found at this link

Friendica Archive Browser Screenshot
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Ina Garten's Weeknight Bolognese Veganized 2022-01-13

For New Year’s Eve I decided on trying to make a couple new things. One of those things was Ina Garten’s Weeknight Bolognese . I found it so delicious that I have since made it twice more. As part of my 2022 goal of trying to make 52 unique new to me recipes I decided to attempt to make a vegan option. I figured if I could make something as tasty then it could be used when I’m trying to eat more plant based and to serve to my vegetarian and vegan friends. Ina suggested simply subtituting the meat for mushrooms to make it vegetarian. I took it several steps further by replacing the meat with marinated tofu and to replace the cream with cashew cream. The other ingredients and main steps for the sauce however are identical. I have to say that it turned out as delicious as the original. I could easily see serving this to all friends, not just vegetarian/vegan friends, rather than the original version and to use it as sauces in things like lasagnas as well.

Bowl of veganized weeknight bolognese from Ina Garten
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The Julie & Julia Blog Archive Index 2022-01-10

The movie Julie & Julia has a special place in my heart since it was the first official date that kicked off the long term relationship that evolved into my present day very happy marriage. I love Julia Child. I love food and cooking. I love challenges. So a biopic movie about Julia Child and a modern day woman blogging her experience of cooking through Mastering the Art of French Cooking was right up my alley. With the new Julia Child documentary titled ‘Julia’ now out I promptly watched it and then rewatched Julie & Julia again. Once again watching through it I decided to finally start reading the entire year of posts which the movie is based around which is preserved in Once again though I discovered that while all the content is there the links to actually march through the blog are often broken. I finally decided to just bite the bullet and fix that. I wrote some scripts which marched through the timespan of the blog’s experiment, determined what the proper link is for each day that an entry exists, and output it in a nice tabular form. Below you will find the index or table of contents, however you want to see it, of the entire blog from the very first post to her visit to The Smithsonian to see Julia’s kitchen exhibit there. Enjoy

Julie & Julia movie artwork
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Bloganuary Day 5: Something I Wish I Knew How to Do 2022-01-05
Bloganuary Day 5 Topic 'What is something you wish you knew how to do?'
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Bloganuary Day 4: Favorite Childhood Toy 2022-01-04
Bloganuary Day 4 Topic 'What was your favorite childhood toy?'
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Bloganuary Day 3: When Was the Last Time I Left My Comfort Zone 2022-01-03
Bloganuary Day 3 Topic 'Write about the last time you left your comfort zone?' image
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Bloganuary Day 2: A Road Trip I Would Love to Take 2022-01-02
Bloganuary Day 2 Topic 'What is a road trip you would love to take?' image
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Annual Review 2021: Post-Vax Rumspringa Denting Progress 2022-01-01

After the “Mulligan Year” of 2021 I was hoping that things in 2021 would get a bit less crazy and thus be able to focus a bit more. In many ways things did get less crazy. Vaccinations became available way earlier than I could have possibly hoped. The mind I had for my optimistic date was fourth quarter of the year. That meant I was able to do stuff like register for a race. It also meant that I made up for lost time in the socialization department, which had some knock on effects with my health statuses.

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Bloganuary Day 1: Advice to my teenage self 2022-01-01

Okay this posting each day a topic seems like a neat thing even if I’m not on WordPress any longer. So will do it as well. Their Day #1 topic is “What advice would you give to your teenage self.

Bloganuary Day 1 Topic 'What advice would you give your teenage self' image
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Parallels Desktop on Apple Silicon Quick Review 2021-12-23

As I’m starting to travel more while simultaneously seeing a ramping up in software development work I’ve had to consider my laptop situation. I prefer to do most of my work on Linux thus my I need a solid Linux environment on the road. I have a “nice” Gen1 M1 MacBook Pro laptop but for it to fill that role it needs to be able to at least run it in virtualization. My Linux laptops are either long in the tooth (my trustworthy System 76 Galago Pro from 2016) or woefully under powered for development tasks (my PineBook ‘Pro’ ). It was therefore time to decide whether I needed to ditch the Mac for a new Linux laptop or see if I could make a go of it with virtualization technology. I got this M1 MBP when it was first released. I tried virtualization at that time and the situation was not good. In the mean time Parallels Desktop has come a long way. While there are some other options which I dabbled with over the years they didn’t provide enough “just works” for me out of the box. For this experiment I therefore decided to try my hand at using Parallels intensely on my holiday travel trip to see if I can make a go of it. Early results seem mostly promising.

Screenshot of Mac desktop running Parallels with multiple VMs
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