Diaspora API Dev Progress Report 29

As we begin to wrap up the year we also are beginning to wrap up the API getting ready for the “real” pull request for the API code. We are down to one last code review of the final clean up pass before we have it looked at by the core team. I think the code is pretty solid but it will of course have problems that are discovered during the review and the testing. Ah the testing, real world testing that we really need to do. To get there we need to have a test server. Thankfully that’s all taken care of now and we’ve had the first data interactions with a pod.


Facebook Data Export Hidden Pitfalls

As I get more and more fed up with Facebook while also getting more and more embedded into the Fediverse I’ve been considering the whole #deletefacebook campaign again. I turned off Facebook earlier but never deleted it. As the new year approaches the thought of shutting it down appealed to me but then I went a step further thinking I should just blow away all of my data as well. There are lots of posts with lots of data and lots of associations that I want to keep though. Thankfully Facebook provides a mechanism for extracting your data. Unfortunately if you assume all of your data is there you’ll probably be wrong.


First Jekyll Post

I’ve been blogging on Wordpress since 2013. For a long time I had wanted to blog and tried LiveJournal and sites like that. It wasn’t until 2013 when I was deciding to embark on a personal fitness experiment that I finally bit the bullet and created the N=1 blog. The original premise was exploring the whole area of Quantified Self and longevity for my own purposes. It was going to kicked off by a grand experiment of living various different fitness lifestyles for periods of time to see if any made a dramatic difference, positive or negative. I never really got too far into that experiment. Then the blog became my ramblings on the topic. Over time I had less interest in that and more in software engineering. Rather than create a whole new blog I decided to just add new categories. As the boundaries of what I wanted to post became less clear it really just became my public journal on all topics interesting to me.


Diaspora API Dev Progress Report 28

Today is a momentous day in the Diaspora API development saga.  Today we have completed primary development of the API, the unit tests, and the external test harness.  There are still two code reviews between that and the real code review for integration into the main development branch, but all of the major work is complete.  What does that mean exactly?


Diaspora API Dev Progress Report 27

Boy are we really coming down the home stretch now!  All of the scopes are implemented in every API endpoint now with their corresponding tests to confirm that the permissions are working correctly.  The most difficult of those, I thought, was the Streams, again.  After beating my head against a rock a lot yesterday I put the whole project down for the day and then picked it up today.  After warming up on the other endpoints I started working my way through getting Streams working such that it could filter private data.  After a bit of fumbling I finally got a relatively simple solution to the problem and got all the tests passing correctly.


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